Home Remedies To Reduce Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles around the eyes have plagued many individuals for centuries. It appears that most families have at least one or two recipes for natural remedies, handed down from generation to generation, up their sleeve.

Some of these remedies, or at least part of the ingredients, have made it into many of today’s best organic eye creams. These ingredients include, among others, caffeine (from use of tea bags), cucumber, ginseng and gynostemma extracts, as well as aloe vera.

Natural Home Remedies

  • Tea Bags It does sound very much like a cliche, but placing used tea bags onto the closed eyes for up to 10 minutes really does reduce dark circles and swelling. This is mostly due to the antioxidants and the caffeine present in tea. The best types of tea to use are black, green and white tea. Apart from chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory properties, herbal teas are not suitable as they do not contain caffeine.
  • Cucumber As well as providing a positively soothing effect through the coldness, thin cucumber slices placed onto the eyes for around 10 minutes also act as a natural lightening agent.
  • Lemon Juice Lemon juice is another natural lightener, as well as providing vital vitamin C and astringent properties. Combined into a paste with tomato juice, gram and turmeric powder and applied to they affected area (taking great care not to get it into the eyes!) for 10 minutes, it will work to lighten the area, cool it and draw out excess fluids.

Combining lemon juice with cucumber juice and either using it in a cold compress or adding lanolin cream and applying the resultin paste will equally cool and lighten the area.

  • Almonds and Milk Both almonds and milk contain many of the nutrients essential for healthy skin. Making a paste out of crushed almonds and ice cold milk will soothe, nourish and lighten darkened areas most effectively.
  • Almond Oil For the same reason, a gentle eye massage with almond oil will nourish the skin and stimulate circulation.
  • Pineapple Juice This juice, again combined into a paste with turmeric powder, will cool, lighten and provide the skin with the so essential vitamin C.
  • Eating Well One of the most natural and effective ways of treating dark circles and generally promoting healthy skin is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. These not only supply vitamin C and E, but also a whole range of vital elements.

Some of the best fruits and vegetables to promote perfect skin condition are all citrus fruits, berries, peaches, nectarines, mangos, melons and papaya, as well as tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, spinach, seaweed, Kale and spring onions.

Red, orange and green peppers, as well as beans, peas, lentils and all nuts are equally beneficial to skin, as are parsley, mint and thyme, among many others.

Just a single glass of tomato juice, complete with a dash of lemon, a mint leaf or two and the tiniest pinch of salt, each day will add plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and elements to help prevent dark circles and premature aging.

  • Water On average, an adult should consume about two litres of water a day. That, by the way, is just under four pints. As a result, the body will be sufficiently detoxified by the kidneys, dehydration and fluid retention are prevented and the whole body glows with a healthy complexion.
  • Eye Creams As mentioned earlier, organic creams use only natural, pure ingredients. By doing this, they focus on ingredients the skin can easily absorb right down to the deepest cellular level. Here, the skin’s cells are stimulated into producing their own defence and building blocks, are far more natural treatment than adding synthetically produced substances.
  • Acupressure A healing art developed from ancient acupuncture techniques, acupressure must be one of the oldest and most natural ways to treat skin and subsequently reduce dark circles.

Vital energies are stimulated by applyig gentle pressure to so-called pressure points located all over the body. There are also six of these points placed around each eye. By stimulating the energies of these pressure points, fluid build up is reduced and prevented, production of vital substances and circulation are stimulated and subsequently, dark circles are reduced.

The pressure points situated around the eyes are marked by indentations and can be found by tracing the edge of the eye sockets both below and above the eyes. They are located in the bone in the following areas:


  • Inner Corner – Point A
  • Centre, above Iris – Point B
  • Outer Corner – Point C


  • Inner Corner – Point D
  • Centre, below Iris – Point E
  • Outer Corner – Point F

Pressure Sequence

Pressure to each point should be applied using the pads of the fingers, rather than using the much harsher fingertips. To get the most effective results from this treatment, the following sequence should be performed.

  • Point A Apply even pressure to this point to the count of ten, release, repeat pressure, release, repeat once more.
  • Point E Repeat the above steps, do the same for Point F
  • Point C Apply the pressure as above, but only twice.
  • Temples Following this, massage the temples gently with the pads of two fingers. Again, count to ten, relax and repeat twice more.
  • Eye Lids Finally, the eye lids are massaged, extremely gentle, by making small circular motions all over them. This should only be done for about two seconds.

A slight blurring of vision may be noticed when opening the eyes after this sequence. A sure sign that the exercise has been performed well and correctly, this is perfectly normal and vision will return be as usual within a matter of seconds. Blinking a couple of times may help.

  • Facial Exercises There are many facial exercises particularly suitable for naturally treating tired eyes and dark circles. Blinking, opening they eyes as wide as possible followed by squeezing them shut tight, raising the eye brows and frowning deeply, as well as simply rolling the eyes first clockwise, then anti-clockwise will stimulate circulation and tone eye muscles.

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